img_3909_55d38fa2ddf2b33511705a0dI'm gonna try to put down my feelings into words but its not the easiest. Life truly is like a rollercoaster trip, it has its highs and lows, it's scary for a moment and the other second you're just so high on adrenalin that you can't stop smiling. Im at the high point right now and have basically been here since I arrived to the airport here in Barcelona 1,5 months ago. Im so happy to live in a place where I have people around me that makes me feel like home and that motivates me to be the best version of myself. I share a small messy apartment with the most amazing street view, truly breathtaking roof terrace with two persons I feel really comfortable with.

I work five nights a week in a place with a great atmosphere, the best team ( read family) and different guests from all over the world. And by being scheduled at night I have the possibility to chase my dreams and be creative every day during the days in a city full of different cultures & other hard working dreamers.

I have walking distance to the beach, the port, a beautiful city parc. If I open my window I can hear live music from the street & I can just cross the street to find fresh fruits and vegetables.

After my months away from Barcelona I learned that a little distance truly can be necessary & healthy to make you understand how much something means to you. Distance can also make you see & appreciate all the small things that in the end makes the big picture.

By being away from my friends & family in Sweden through the years has sometimes been really hard but I've truly learned that no matter how far or how long you time you are apart, true relationships never change. Actually the distance sometimes can make the bands even stronger.

I wanted to write this down for myself as I reminder to get back to when I might reach a lower & more scary point of this rollercoaster ride called life. But most of all I wanted to say thanks to every single person that right now keeps me on this high point, Thank you, You're the best !


xoxo, Frida 


Så kul att läsa Fridis!! Glad för din skull <3

Svar: <3 <3 <3


men jaaa så fint :)))

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